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Dental Tools in Pocket


I have partnered with to bring you some of the best dental savings plans in the marketplace. With a dental savings plan, you buy into a discount schedule in which your chosen dentist participates. The discounted rates are available to you immediately for one, low annual fee. Click here to check out their site and see if there is a plan that's a good fit for you and your family! Need help finding the right plan? I'm just a phone call away! Please enter my broker code if prompted: 259302


Find out what Suze Orman has to say about

Traditional Dental Insurance

While Suze Orman makes a pretty good case for dental savings plans, older adults in particular may find that traditional dental insurance is going to be a better choice. The important thing about traditional dental insurance: Waiting won't work! Most plans have waiting periods for work they consider to be major such as root canals, crowns, implants and the like.


Ask me about traditional dental insurance plans available with major national carriers


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