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Supplemental insurance helps pay for what your primary insurances do not

If you've ever had to file a claim on any type of insurance, you know that your primary insurance rarely covers everything. There is almost always some sort of financial exposure: deductibles, copays and so on. Then there are the ongoing expenses of living that do not stop just because you are unable to work due to an unexpected accident or illness. That's where supplemental insurance comes in. Supplemental insurance provides the tools to manage your financial risks, customizing your protections to fit your individual needs.

Unexpected life events such as accidents and illness can put a dent in your income and quickly deplete that savings account you've been working hard to build. With supplemental insurance such as an accident policy, hospital policy and short-term disability, you can have a sure source of cash in the event life throws you a curve.

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Supplemental insurance: Available both direct and through payroll deduction

When supplemental insurance is offered to employees by a business and premiums are payroll deducted, supplemental insurance then becomes an employee benefit, usually referred to as "voluntary benefits" or "supplemental benefits." I have helped dozens of local businesses set up pre-tax supplemental benefit programs for their employees, helping them to attract and retain top talent, round out their benefits portfolio and provide protection for hard-earned paychecks.

Strong benefits programs are linked to job satisfaction, retention and recruiting. Benefits are important to employees, and they’re important to your company’s bottom line too. Employer-offered benefits are a strong differentiator when it comes to attracting employees, retaining them and protecting their well-being.

Aflac: America's most recognized supplemental insurance

I'm proud to have started my insurance career as an Aflac benefits advisor and continue to represent what I believe to be the premier supplemental insurance company in the industry. Contact me to see how Aflac can help you attract and retain top talent, round out your benefits portfolio and provide protection for hard-earned paychecks.

Supplemental insurance explained

So, what exactly is supplemental insurance? This short, informative video explains.

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