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Life Insurance Doesn't Have to be a Burden

I am pleased to be working with some really creative life insurance carriers. I have access to life insurance solutions for all types of situations, including those with chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes, others), those who late in life need coverage for final expenses, and more. Whether you are looking for simple term or cash value universal life, I can find a solution that will work for you and your family. Cash value life insurance does not have to be a financial burden! Shop for it while you are in your younger years and it will serve you well throughout your lifetime.

Do you know about the John Hancock Vitality Life life insurance product? With this innovative product, you can get an Apple watch for $25 along with better life insurance rates. As long as you meet the modest fitness requirements as reported by the watch, you get to keep the watch for just the $25 after two years. For more information on the John Hancock Vitality program, click here.


I have partnered with the life insurance industry’s most groundbreaking paperless term solution yet – Vive. Vive has disrupted the process of obtaining term life, allowing carriers to issue term policies in a matter of days without traditional underwriting and with no paperwork. If you're looking for quick, simple term life coverage, this is an easy option you can use right now! For more long-term planning needs such as lifelong cash value life insurance with enhancements such as long-term care riders and such, please contact me for assistance.


Long-Term Care (LTC)

Did you know that most long-term care insurance today is sold as a rider to cash-value life insurance? A quick example: A $100,000 life insurance policy with a 4% LTC rider would make $4,000/month available for LTC when you qualify for that type of care. This works on several levels: You have LTC when you need it, but you also have life insurance with cash value in case you don’t need LTC. One of the big problems with earlier types of LTC policies was that they covered ONLY LTC and some people never need LTC, so all those funds were lost to the policyholder. Arranging for LTC through a rider to a cash value life insurance policy addresses that issue nicely.

If you're concerned about long-term care, let's talk about what's available to you through John Hancock, one of the largest long-term care insurance providers in the United States with over 1.2 million outstanding policies.

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