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Everything is free, free, free! (But, not really...)

medicare tv commercials

Just a reminder: Do not be taken in by these TV ad come-ons to get you to call a toll-free number to get "everything free" in some magic Medicare Advantage plan. The fact is, nothing is really free. But you knew that, right? Medicare pays an insurance carrier a flat fee for each member on their Medicare Advantage plan roles. Every carrier gets THE SAME per capita rate to take care of your medical needs for the year. The difference is in how the carrier allocates those funds in the plans they offer. Some plans put that money into quality medical care and have the best doctors in network, for example, Holy Cross Medical Group, Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Health, to name a few in my area. Plans with that kind of quality medical access will not have as much money to spend on the freebies that make for good TV ads. But when you're sick, you'll be much better served by quality medical access then by your healthy food debit card, or whatever the latest perk is that they're hawking on TV.

Please, do not work with call center agents. Local agents understand the markets we live in. We will be your best source of assistance. Finally, do not get lured into calling a toll-free number by Joe Namath, Jimmy JJ Walker or William Shatner. Trust me, they are NOT covered by the Medicare Advantage plans they are hawking on TV. Call center agents get paid to switch your plan, period. Very few will give any consideration as to whether you will lose access to your doctors or medications. Contact me here for straight, smart Medicare advice.


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