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Online Meeting


Video Conferencing & Remote Signature Options

People who are turning 65 or have questions about their existing Medicare coverage often attend local educational meetings about Medicare. In the current environment where we are trying to limit the spread of coronavirus, such gatherings are discouraged. To continue to be able to render educational assistance and to help Medicare eligible persons find and enroll in the just-right plan for them, I am happy to offer one-on-one video conferencing and remote signature options to facilitate enrollment.


If you're looking for assistance with your Medicare and have a device (tablet, phone or computer) on which you can receive email and can browse the Internet, then we can have a one-on-one video conference

Online Workshop

in which I can answer your questions and help you find the right plan. Then, to enroll in that plan, I have remote signature options that allow me to collect a proper electronic signature from you and to complete the enrollment in a manner compliant with Medicare guidelines. Medicare questions? Turning 65? Don’t go it alone! Expert assistance, no charge, no obligation. Contact me now about video conferencing and remote signature options!

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