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Knock, Knock: It's ANOC!

If you've been enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D drug plan for any length of time, you know about the ANOC: Annual Notice of Change. This is the document from your carrier that describes how your plan will change for the next calendar year starting January 1st. Expect it sometime in September, definitely before October 1st. This important document from your insurance carrier explains any changes specific to your plan, for example:

  • Coverage: New benefits, improved benefits, diminished or removed benefits

  • Costs: Changes in premiums and/or copays for existing benefits

  • Provider network changes: While it's more likely you will get a separate letter about provider network changes, it may also be included in the ANOC

  • Drug list and pharmacy network changes: drugs added or deleted from the formulary, drugs moved to different cost tiers

Reviewing your ANOC is important because Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plan insurance carriers review their plan details each year and make changes. You need to know about those changes and determine if they make the plan less suitable to your needs. If you see something in the ANOC that is of concern to you, call me. We can review the ANOC together. If there is a need to look for different coverage for you, we can shop together for a plan that may be a better fit for you in the new year.


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