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Mail you should keep. Mail you should toss.

medicare mail

One of the most annoying things about approaching Medicare age is the amount of mail that you get. What to do with all that mail? Here's the list of agencies that are on my KEEP MAIL list: Social Security. Why? Because your enrollment into Medicare is handled by Social Security. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Why? Because CMS governs the Medicare program and anything they have to tell you is going to be important. Your health insurance carrier. Why? Because they will be communicating to you about your in-force health insurance.

And here is my TOSS MAIL list: EVERYTHING ELSE! Why? Because, while some of what you get may be educational, most of it is intended to steer you into coverage by a particular carrier. And the majority of it is intended to steer you into Medicare Advantage plans, a choice that may not be best for you. A local, independent agent is in a better position to educate you about Medicare and help you reach an informed decision based on your medical and financial circumstances. As always, feel free to contact me for such assistance.


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