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Medicare Advantage OEP ends March 31st. Now what?

medicare oep

The Medicare Advantage open enrollment period (OEP) ends (or, ended, depending on when you are reading this) on March 31st. If you're a client of mine and I've done my job right, that's not a problem for you! You should be in a plan that was a good fit for you when you enrolled. But things can change. For example, even though you are essentially in a one-year contract with your plan, your doctors are not! It's possible that a doctor of yours has left the plan since you enrolled. Or, maybe you've been prescribed a drug since you enrolled and you are surprised to find that it's not covered in the formulary included in your Advantage plan. So, what to do? Even though the one-time plan change available to you during OEP will no longer be available to you after March 31st, there may be special election periods (SEPs) available to you that could allow you to make a change if needed. If not, I can work with you find a suitable doctor that is in-network for you until such a time as you are able to make plan change. If it's a drug formulary problem, I can help you file for a formulary exception that might get a particular drug covered for you. In any case, your best bet is to talk to your agent to find out more about SEPs, formulary exceptions and other work-arounds that may be available to you.


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