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There is NO enrollment period for Medicaid! Enroll anytime!

medicaid enrollment

Medicaid is the state program that assists low income/low asset individuals with a range of benefits including providing assistance with medical expenses. Not to be confused with Medicare, which is the federal program for providing healthcare mostly for the 65 and older population. There is NO specific enrollment period for Medicaid, meaning you can apply for Medicaid anytime if you qualify. The link below will take you to the Florida State site for applying online. You can review the information under Am I Eligible to see if you qualify. For those of you on Medicare, additionally qualifying for Medicaid will give you access to more comprehensive Medicare coverage. Depending on the level of Medicaid you are awarded, Medicaid may even pay your monthly Part B premium, putting around $145 per month back into your pocket via your Social Security income! If you have questions about any of this, feel free to contact me.

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