• Tom Cianflone

Special Enrollment Periods

The period from April 1st to December 31st is known to Medicare insiders as the "lock-in period" for Medicare Advantage (MA, aka Part C) plans. That is because, in general, there are no open election/enrollment periods for MA plan members to change plans. For most, the plan they are in on April 1st is the plan they will remain in until December 31st. However, there are special enrollment periods (SEPs) that may be available to MA plan members. If an MA plan member is in need of a plan change, it's always best to speak with me directly about what may be available or possible.

One SEP of special interest during the so-called lock-in period is the 5 star SEP. Star ratings is how CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) rates MA plans available in each county, with 5 stars being the highest plan rating. An MA plan member can switch to any plan that is rated 5 stars once during a calendar year. There are a few 5 star plans available in Broward County. If you or someone you know is contemplating a plan change, contact me for additional information to see whether the 5 star SEP or another SEP might be useful to you.

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